Halloween T-Shirts Galore! It’s Hallotee Event 2020!

The Verdant Clothing Hallotee Event 2020

Get ready to grab your Halloween t-shirt because…

The boys down in marketing have told us, not only that we should be preparing for Halloween, but that we should be preparing for Christmas.

Well, we’re not quite ready to put up the tinsel and the baubles just yet. For now we can keep Mariah Carey in her dungeon for another couple of months.

We, do, however, hear the shuffling of zombie feet and the cackle of witches in the night (but that could be our neighbor – they’re going through a hard time right now).

This can only mean one thing – The Verdant Clothing Hallotee Event has started! If you love spooky, scary skeletons or ferocious Frankenstein monsters then this event is for you!

We have added a bunch of spooky styles and devilish designs to our store. This is including masks suitable for wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are all available to purchase until the 23rd October (because any later and you probably wouldn’t get your item on time – we make all this stuff on demand!).

Browse the new stuff here!

Grab yourself a Halloween t-shirt now! We got zombie t-shirts, scary t-shirts, spooky t-shirts galore!

New designs are expected to be uploaded throughout September and October so remember to keep checking back!

You can also expect voucher codes and discounts to be popping up left, right and center so be sure to check our social media – you don’t want to miss out!

BTW – are we still doing bats this year? Considering… y’know, the coronavirus thing?

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