Every month, Verdant Clothing will be giving away at least one t-shirt to a lucky winner.

There are many ways to enter, and so there are many ways to win!

Here are the best ways to enter the competition…


– “Like” us below. We give away a FREE TEE to a Facebook fan every month so you have a chance to win EVERY MONTH!
– “Like”, “Share” and “Comment” on our posts. We give a FREE TEE to one lucky “Like”r EVERY MONTH!




– “Follow” us on Instagram here.
– Every time you Like one of Verdant’s posts about a new tee etc gives you another chance to win a FREE TEE that month.

3. Show Us Your Verdant Side

– Upload a picture of you in your Verdant to our Facebook page, or tweet it to us
– Every month we feature one community member in our newsletter, if it’s you, you win a FREE TEE!

4. Refer-A-Friend

– Register for an account
– Grab your referral link from your stats page
– Share your link your friends, when they place an order you and your friend will get a free random tee!

5. The Verdant LoyalTEE Rewards Program

– Every order you place on Verdant gets you a stamp on your Verdant LoyalTEE Card
– When you place 9 orders you get a discount code for a FREE TEE

Winners are notified via the platform of their entry (so, for example, if your page “like” on Facebook won, we will notify you via Facebook).

As always, be sure to check out the competition terms.