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HALLOTEE EVENT Our Halloween event is now on! Get your t-shirts, face masks and more while stocks last! NEW DESIGNS DAILY We're always working hard on new designs - which is why we always have a good selection to choose from! WORK OUT IN STYLE With our newest addition - gym clothing! Leggings, sports bras and more now available in-store!

We Are Verdant.

Verdant Clothing is for the bold, the bright, and the stylish. Our designs are made to make a statement – something for you to build an outfit around. Vibrant colours. Quirky prints. Your style – your way. We create these for you. You’re already stylish – now you found the clothes to match.


Shopping Spree.

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    Awesome T-Shirts.

    The cool t-shirts, the geeky t-shirts, the nerdy t-shirts, the gaming t-shirts, the funny t-shirts, the retro t-shirts, the gingham dresses, the embroidered hats, the quirky face masks. Every item you purchase and love is made by ourselves. In our noisy, messy office. Just for you.